Surgery and Drugs are NOT always necessary.  

You haven't tried everything if you haven't tried Chiropractor.PET

Canine, Feline  +                  Equine, Mule,Donkey,Goat, Cow...

If your choices are;  SURGERY or AMPUTATEwhat do you do?

Ceasar was rescued after he was left out in sub zero temperature right here in K.C.,

and brought in just on the brink of DEATH.

His right rear leg was not working stuck tight to his body,  Not using it "at all."

I begged to foster him.  I had to try to help the poor guy  before the typical surgery was performed. Get rid of the leg.                                                                                               

 It was 4 treatments with Laser Therapy to reduce pain, swelling and he was running in the back yard with my little Boston's.  The Vet came to check on Ceasar and was blown away. 

I remember him saying; "Wow, we don't have to amputate the leg."  (Cut off.)                                                                              God works in and through the body.Yes He does.

NO ONE mentioned chiropractic!  I knew I would be his best bet to try to save his leg with my method.  If the connection can be made I didn't want to miss the chance to help.

Which choice would you make?

given; Spinal Surgery or   put your horse(Reba) down?

So, who wants to choose one of those?

Ashley's Dad  was in the office being treated when he told me that Reba was hurt.  Reba ran into a T bar in a new pasture ending up with a long, deep laceration on her right shoulder.       That wasn't the  problem though.

The problem is when Reba came out of the anesthesia she wobbled and fell-hard.

When she finally got up she limped-right rear.  

Her Dad asked me if I treated horses.  I told him YES, since 1975.

Ashley called me and within 3 treatments in 2 weeks Reba was back to her old self.  Crazy huh?     Yeah.    Imagine not trying chiropractic.  

Let me be YOUR pets favorite Doc!