Your lowest portion of your brain controls;   sleep/mood, heart rate/blood pressure, posture/body balance, facial expressions, digestion, immune function.

No Manipulation Gentle & Effective for the neck.

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Cervical Specific and Meniere's disease

June 13 2016Abstract:

Objective: Multiple factors and several common triggers contribute to Meniere’s disease (MD), but the hypothesis of this study is related to one cause: an upper cervical subluxation complex (UCSC), the result of whiplash trauma, caused by vehicular accident or blow to head.
Methods: UCSC pattern was established utilizing Tytron thermography, Thompson cervical syndrome and modified Prill leg length inequality tests, determining when and where to adjust. Upper cervical adjustment listings were obtained by Blair x-ray analysis. Ninety percent of patients had atlas listings of posterior and inferior on the opposite side of the involved ear. When patients were in pattern, Palmer toggle recoil and/or Pierce Results knife-edge adjustments were performed.
Results: Vertigo intensity rated by 300 patients on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the worst imaginable. Prior to treatment mean score was 8.5, six weeks post treatment average was down to 3.0, after one year 2.0, two years 1.4, three years 0.9, four, five and six years 0.8, an improvement of over 90%. Ninety seven percent claimed a dramatic improvement in vertigo. Three percent had side effect of headache.
Conclusion: Patients with a history of both vertigo and trauma should be referred to an upper cervical specific chiropractor for examination.

Non Manipulation Atlas Orthogonal

How important is your first vertebrae under your skull?

The ATLAS or first spinal segment

"surrounds" your Brain Stem.

Think of your Brain Stem as the "mother board" for you computer body.

Everything... everything goes through it to the body and back for interpretation. 

We present chiropractic techniques as a means by which the natural ability of your body is restored to its normal function.                                  Our purpose is to reset the nervous system  through specific "non force"  adjustments. 
We are "turning on" the nerve supply in areas of your body that have been shut off for quite some time. The deeper and longer the nerve is aggravated the longer it takes to respond. You may experience some continued symptoms, or even new ones, during your repairing stage. Do not be anxious, your body will stabilize at its own rate of repair.

Your responsibility is to aid your doctor by proper health habits. These health habits are essential for your adjustment to hold. Listen to your doctor and assume your responsibilities. Prompt recovery and control over your condition is our main concern. Please relate all facts and circumstances of your condition to Dr. Gates.

Chiropractic is one of the most sophisticated natural health care available to the public. It is actually one of the best forms of health insurance you can buy.  

Our Philosophy

Gates  Chiropractic has always believed that when you find your body malfunctioning and causing a negative health situation, you should seek chiropractic care first, life altering drugs second and irreversible surgery last.  Many patients have sought out our care as their last chance at health. The more serious the threat against your body the more specific and focused your treatment must be. The brain and spinal cord supply your entire body with the “electrical power” that regulates health.  The functions of posture and balance, muscle tone, spinal stability, organ function, pain perception, and athletic performance are all related to “brain based conditions”. These functions are specific to pathways in the brain and when they are not working, the patients suffer.

Dr. Gates works from specific x-rays of your entire spine with extended focus on the brain and spinal cord as it passes through your cervical canal. Think of your spine as a “garden hose” and then ask yourself what happens when you kink or twist the hose. The more the hose is kinked, the grass no longer receives what it needs to survive and it starts to die. So is the same with your body. Dr. Gates’s focus is not on treating the symptoms but to eliminate or reduce the cause of your symptoms by specifically adjusting the misaligned spinal segments causing your body’s malfunction (subluxations).

Each patient’s response to care is limited by the state of decay their body is in as they first seek our help.  No matter how limited the patient’s evaluation, Dr. Gates takes direct effort to: (1) stop the direct cause of the symptom, (2) create a neutral environment so the body can repair, (3) give each patient the training and knowledge to control their body instead of it controlling them.

We are happy to make available to you free of charge, handouts on health needs, including educational materials, exercises to help condition and a chart of your nervous system.

We realize our spiritual and emotional needs will affect our physical condition. Therefore, we also make available to you various handouts, which are biblical in nature, dealing with marriage, children, finances, and your walk with God. Feel free to take what you would like of any of these handouts. It is our prayer that they will be of benefit to you.

If there is interference of brain transmission flowing thru the thoracic and lumbar areas of the spine, those areas will also be analyzed for needed care. The thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine supply the body’s core and limbs.  After proper analysis a gentle chiropractic manual specific spinal adjustment or a light impulse adjustment may be needed to those two areas. Trigger point’s along the spine will be checks and released to insure maximum positive response to care. Our health depends on each nerve being as free as possible to transmit life to every cell in the body.

As your body responds to care we share constructive advice on: (1) proper body mechanics, (2) specific stretches and/or exercises that focus on your spinal columns weak points, (3) nutritional evaluation and suggestions to improve body function with “Garden of life” Raw supplements available on site.

Foam cervical collars, over the door traction kits, Bio freeze products, micro bamboo rayon foam pillows for neutral cervical support, the “Thera-Cane” therapeutic trigger point home care aid, and the 36 inch foam log roll for home spinal release are all available for same day use. 

Your pets experience symptoms from Atlas misalignments. 


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