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Practicing in Jackson County Missouri for over 40 years.
We present chiropractic techniques as a means by which the natural ability of your body is restored to its normal function.

I have always believed that when you find your body malfunctioning in a negative manor, you should seek chiropractic care first, life altering drugs second and irreversible surgery last.  Many patients have sought out my care as their last chance at health. The more serious the threat against your body the more specific and focused your treatment must be. The brain and spinal cord supply your entire body with the “electrical power” that regulates health.  The functions of posture and balance, muscle tone, spinal stability, organ function, pain perception, and athletic performance are all related to “brain based conditions”. These functions are specific to pathways in the brain and when they are not working, the patients suffer.

I work from specific x-rays of your entire spine with extended focus on the brain and spinal cord as it passes through your cervical canal (Atlas Orthogonal cervical adjusting). Think of your spine as a “garden hose” and then ask yourself what happens when you kink or twist the hose. The more the hose is kinked, the grass no longer receives what it needs to survive and it starts to die. So is the same with your body. My focus is not on treating your symptoms but to eliminate or reduce the cause of your symptoms by specifically adjusting the misaligned spinal segments (subluxations).

Each patient’s response to care is limited by the state of decay their body is in, on their initial visit.  No matter how limited the patient’s health evaluation, my main effort is to: (1) stop the direct cause of the symptom, (2) create a neutral environment within the spine so the nervous system and the tissue being supplied can repair, and (3) share how each patient can control their body, instead of it controlling them. I frequently say, “Let’s turn the body (nervous system) back on and see what symptoms go away!” The power that created the body heals the body! 

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